Property Management Accounting Software

Property Management Accounting Software

Efficient financial management lies at the core of successful property management, and Binayati stands as an indispensable Property Management Accounting Software navigating the complexities of financial administration. Tailored specifically for the unique needs of property management professionals, Binayati streamlines accounting processes, offering features such as automated fees collection, expense tracking, and robust reporting capabilities.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies tasks like budgeting, financial forecasting, and fees preparation, empowering property managers to maintain financial clarity with ease. Binayati has an integrated Accounting Software for Property Managers enhancing operational cohesion, ensuring seamless collaboration across various aspects of property administration.

With its commitment to accuracy, transparency, and time-saving automation, Binayati emerges as a vital asset for property managers, allowing them to focus on strategic decision-making while maintaining the financial health of their managed properties.


A Web Solution and a Mobile Application ready to serve!
Our Property Management Accounting Software – Binayati is a web solution and a mobile app, it can be reached easily by Property owners, committee members and residents by pressing on a simple and secured link.

Total Transparency

Residents and owners can at any time access their account of Binayati- the Property Management Accounting Software, to examine the residence financial report, their balance, the fund balance, the expenses and the official documents.

Time Saving

No more paperwork!
The treasurer can circulate bills and receipts easily, without wasting time, thanks to the Communication module: SMS, email or push notification.

The Accounting Software for Buildings, it is suitable for Property Managers.Property Managers.|Self Managed Property Owners.| Residences.|Compounds.|Condominiums.