Property Management Software

Binayati, What is it?

Binayati, the state of the art Property Management Software, facilitates all operations related to building management. From accounting to communication, it covers the management of a building’s budgets, projects, expenses, income, and invoices.

Binayati can be used to circulate bills and receipts via SMS, email, or push notification. it also sends reminders to tenants for unpaid bills, upcoming meetings and matters that require feedback. Binayati guarantees effective communication between all stakeholders, building trust for a more interactive and, happier community.

Who can use Binayati?

Whether you are a resident, an owner, a tenant, the appointed building committee manager or the treasurer, a professional property manager, a compound manager or an equity manager, Binayati is built to assist you in managing all common building operations.

Connectivity. Transparency. Serenity.

Binayati, Key Benefits

Time Saving

Binayati helps in saving time, ensuring that all operations are properly managed, and completed within schedule.


Carrying Building’s common operations management becomes much lighter.

No Calculation Errors

Accurate results are guaranteed, with an embedded calculation model.


All functionalities, reports, transactions, decisions, and archived documents are readily available for users anytime and anywhere.


With the proper configuration, all tenants and owners can access their accounts at any time, to review the status of their balances, funds, and expenses, along with official documents and reports.

Effective Interaction

The platform ensures timely notifications, conveying the right information to the intended recipients, creating a well-informed community.

Interactive Community

All residents are interconnected via the Binayati platform, contributing to mutual decision-making, easier planning, and simplified evaluation processes.


Proof of communication and interactions between the involved parties is available on the platform, to resolve any disputes, should they arise.

Secure Digital Archive

Important documents are scanned and uploaded, to be referenced at any point when needed.

Free Online Access To Real Estate Info

We will share with you our experience. Binayati’s expertise and experience are accessible through the platform, creating a more aware, and well-informed community.

Less Work, Good Results!

Binayati, Key Features

Expense Management
Apartments Management
Assets Management
Invoice Management
Residents Management
Document Management
Service Center
Income Management
Meetings Management
Access Controls
Project Management
Maintenance Contracts
Web Accessibility
Mobile Accessibility
Data Export

Our property management software

Accounting system

An accounting system is at the heart of the platform covering all the functionalities that the treasurer may encounter. It covers the annual payments, monthly or by budget, and manages the invoices issued for the residents. The treasurer can pile up all expenses in the system, pay them fully or partially from the fund, and thus leave a reliable record of all his activities. The system has the ability to generate invoices coming from multiple modules: recursive, projects, manual …

Projects management

The platform also allows managing new projects planning and execution in addition to the building maintenance contracts (generator, elevator, security cameras, swimming pool, videophone, main portal …).

Reports generation

Binayati generates financial reports for each person, each apartment, and each project; and for the common fund as well. Reports showing expenses vs income, and reports revealing the difference between the budget and current expenses.

Communication module

Binayati’s Communication module allows circulating bills and receipts via SMS, emails, or push notifications. It also sends reminders to tenants for unpaid bills, upcoming meetings, and matters that require feedback. Binayati guarantees effective communication between all stakeholders, building trust for a more interactive and happier community.

In summary, the platform is an informative system allowing the treasurer to find information quickly about apartments, owners, tenants, documents, plans, contracts, and building images. It grants residents access at any time to their accounts, to check the financial report, their balance, the fund, the expenses, the balance of the neighbors, the official documents. Its only concern is to make the management of the building common operations as fun as playing a game.

Binayati, How does it work?


Press the button “Sign up now”.


Setup your account
Fill in the residents information. Set fund and apartments opening balance.


Enjoy Binayati
Enter daily operations. Share it with the residents.