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The best FREE property management solution

Efficiently managing building payments is at the core of Binayati, benefit from the best free property management solution streamlining financial transactions for seamless operations.

Moreover, our platform offers a centralized system for common area fees and other building-related payments. Residents can make secure online payments, view detailed statements, and receive automated reminders, ensuring a convenient and transparent payment experience.

Additionally, property managers benefit from a robust financial module, allowing them to track and manage payments efficiently, generate comprehensive financial reports, and optimize budgeting for the building. With our property management solution, the entire payment process is simplified, enhancing financial transparency and contributing to the overall success of building management.

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What Our Clients Say

Binayati team welcomes any say: the positive is an added value, and the negative is a new objective to accomplish!
We say: The solution was built with our clients in mind.

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