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Binayati Benefits

In the realm of modern property management, the online building management system Binayati stands as a beacon of efficiency and innovation. This comprehensive platform revolutionizes the way buildings are managed, offering a centralized hub for streamlined communication, maintenance tracking, and resident engagement.

With Binayati, property managers can effortlessly oversee day-to-day operations, from maintenance requests to accounting, fostering a seamless and connected living experience for residents. The system’s intuitive interface and automation capabilities enhance operational efficiency, allowing property managers to allocate resources effectively and proactively address issues. Furthermore, Binayati embraces the power of data analytics, providing actionable insights that empower property managers to make informed decisions for the optimal performance and well-being of the building.

As a cutting-edge solution in the digital age, Binayati redefines building management by marrying convenience, connectivity, and data-driven intelligence.


Connectivity. Transparency. Serenity.

Building & Property Managers Benefits

Time Saving

Binayati helps in saving time, ensuring that all operations are properly managed, and completed within schedule.

Error-free calculations

Accurate results are guaranteed for every transaction, based on an embedded calculation model.

Seamless interactions

Communication of information and updates with the entire community, with the click of a button.

Effortless Operations

Through the platform, managing the common operations of buildings or properties becomes streamlined.

Availability Around the Clock

All features, reports, transactions, feedback and documents are available for review around the clock, with archives of documents, for easy reference.

Informative real estate platform

Access to Binayati’s wealth of expertise and experience, accessible through the platform, for a more aware, and well-informed community.

Traceable secure digital archives

Easy access to documents and conversations that can be referenced at any point on the platform, with features to upload important documents.

Tenants and Owners Benefits

Community connections

Receive information and alerts in a timely manner, and connect with others in the community for decision-making, planning and feedback.

Transparent Transactions

All tenants and owners gain access to their accounts, with the ability to review the status of their balances, funds and expenses. Official documents and reports are provided on the platform.

Access secure digital archives

Every interaction, document and conversation is logged and archived for future reference.

Less Work, Good Results!

Binayati, How does it work?


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Enjoy Binayati
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