Binayati - The building common fees management tool

You have problems managing your building common fees and want a solution?

Lost in accounting and in different building fees, payments, expenses...??

The residents are not paying and you need to remind them?

Binayati Features to manage your building common fees and more

Communication System

Binayati’s Communication module allows circulating bills and receipts via SMS, emails or pushing notifications. It also sends reminders to tenants for unpaid bills, upcoming meetings and matters that require feedback. Binayati guarantees effective communication between all stakeholders, building trust for a more interactive and happier community.


With the proper configuration, all tenants and owners can access their accounts at any time, to review the status of their balances, funds and expenses, along with official documents and reports.

Budget Preparation

Setting an annual budget for the building and comparing it with real expenses to achieve a more realistic budget for the coming years.

Accounting System

An accounting system is at the heart of the platform covering all the functionalities that the treasurer may encounter. It covers the annual payments, monthly or by budget, and manages the invoices issued for the residents. The treasurer can pile up all expenses in the system, pay them fully or partially from the fund, and thus leave a reliable record of all his activities. The system has the ability to generate invoices coming from multiple modules: recursive, projects, manual …

Document Management

Important documents are scanned and uploaded, to be referenced at any point when needed.

Committee Meetings Management

Manage committee meetings: invitations, agenda, attendance and decisions