Building common charges management – The Idea


I am the building treasurer

what can I say?! the neighbors, are not satisfied, they are not paying the building common charges, and they want to know “where the money is spent?!”

I have lost the invoices, i don’t know exactly who paid and who’s late, I don’t have any more time to answer questions and write down receipts!!
I am done with reminding them of the building common charges payments, Am I a beggar?!

Enough is enough!!
As if, I have nothing to do apart from being the building treasurer?!
Doesn’t work like that, and I want to find a quick solution or else I quit!

Googling “building management solution”, the most interesting result was Binayati a helpful cute web solution!

and the most important things are:
any building can subscribe through their treasurer
the residents can view the invoices, the balance and who’s late in payments
the financial report is ready
residents are reminded through SMS, email, or push notification

Nothing as easy
I just have to input the expenses and the system calculates the rest
Adding to this, the solution reminds me of the residents who were late in paying their fees, so in just one click I can remind all of them using SMS email, or a push notification

Using, you can also
view all the maintenance contracts (gate, generator, lift…)
call for a meeting and save down all the decisions
view all the building maps
everything related to the building is now stored and found in one place

subscribe now to and give yourself a break