About Binayati

Property Management with Binayati

Binayati has a solution for every problem encountered in buildings. It is our belief that property management is a two-way conversation.

Binayati provides a value-added services, to the property managers, board members and the condo residents. This is by far the best online property management solution with features including communication, announcements, record-keeping, financial statements and much more that makes it easier to manage complex processes.
One of the biggest benefits is that it reduces human errors and keeps record of every activity done by the administrators, therefore it enhances the user experience by saving time, cost and unnecessary worry.

Our goal is to provide property owners, residents, property manager and service providers with the most advanced and dedicated online and mobile solution in the property management industry.

Become Transparent, Win Trust!

Binayati Key Benefits

Improve Service Quality

Binayati affords a complete transparency with the tenants and enforces the day to day operations.
Using Binayati saves time for the treasurer and the ease of saving and finding documents as well as any information related to the residence, the tenants, the committee, and also to the fund.

Reminders for unpaid invoices

Realtime reports allowing administrators to identify unpaid invoices.
With one click the administrator can send a push notification, an email and a sms to notify the end user – tenant, owner – that he has unpaid bills due and should be paid as soon as possible.

Time Saving

No more paper work!
The treasurer can circulate bills and receipts easily, without wasting time, removing paper work, thanks to the Communication module: SMS, email or push notification.
No more reports preparations, with one click any report is generated!

Greater transparency

Transparency is a major key to succeed a happy building!
Tenants and Owners can at any time access their account of Binayati, to examine the status of their balance, the fund, the expenses, the official documents and all the reports.
We also provide ability to limit access roles of each user.

Easier Accounting

A tailor made solution just the way you work!
Our Building management solution offers an accounting module conceived for condominium property managers.
Automatic Calculation of the balance of residents, owners and fund.
Generation of financial reports for party and also Reports showing expenses vs income!

Suitable for All

All the modules provided in Binayati offer a unique level of suitability to all residents, board managers and owners, and also service providers.
Managing Residents, Expenses, Incomes, Invoices, Maintenance contracts, Committee, Projects and Communication … can all now be done easily!

Less Work, Good Results

Binayati, Key Features


It feels like home when you are on your dashboard!

  • Easily find out the fund balance
  • quick overview of your balance, expenses not yet paid, invoices not yet paid.
  • Check upon every resident and their balance
  • Reports for better decision making
  • A dashboard for every user type

Residents invoices

Invoices are money due to the fund!

  • Store invoices in one place
  • Generate monthly, yearly or on budget invoices with one click
  • Notify residents and owners of the unpaid invoices
  • Ability to create invoices and link them to projects or people
  • Sufficient income/payments will close the invoice amount

Residents payments

Payments or Income is money that goes into the fund.

  • Store payments in one place
  • Send receipts through SMS, email and push notifications
  • Automatically close invoices amounts when a payment is created
  • The balance of the related party is automatically updated

Residence expenses

Expenses are money that is paid or should be paid from the fund balance.

  • Store residence expenses in one place
  • Expenses can be paid, partially paid or pending – waiting to be paid

Manage Projects

Any project that needs to be executed in your residence can be stored in details in Binayati

  • Projects are paid by residents or owners
  • Generate invoices of the projects according to the participants

Storage of information

Storage of legal documents, drawings, receipts, invoices, images … and any relevant document related to the residence.

Communication system

Communication is a key to success, it’s available in every module. it connects all parties and supply more trust and continuity.

  • Easily send an email, SMS and push notification
  • Voting and suggestions modules
  • Promote the mobile app so that the residents benefit from the quick access to their account

Manage Residents and Apartments

  • A listing of the residents showing contact information and the balance of their account
  • A listing of the apartments shows the periodical fees, the share and the balance of each apartment
  • Easily check each residents and apartments statement of account
  • Choose a resident and input their payment
  • Remind residents through SMS, email and push notification